That was a close one. He looks just like Zoe. [x]

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Do you know where zoe is in the Harry potter film?? I've looked for so long but I can never find her😭😭
- Anonymous

She said you can’t see her in any of them!

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Ticket Addiction & Cutest Children EVER

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zoella friendships | sacconejoly family

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What is vlogmas?
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It is when youtubers vlog every day in december leading up to christmas! :)

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Zalfie Moments → 4/?

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Do you think Zoe will stop vlogging in October?
- Anonymous

Yes, she needs a break before vlogmas! :)

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Remember that time when Alfie would forget to upload his daily vlogs or would upload them three weeks after they were filmed and now he’s been vlogging for over two months and hasn’t missed a day. I feel like we don’t give him enough credit for all the work he’s doing. I’m proud of you, Mr. Alfred!


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no I'm sure she was fine with it and was liking it because you addressed it and said it was none of our business anyway.
- Anonymous

true. i’d just be uncomfortable if people were discussing my personal life online, so i want to respect her privacy.

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